Food for a trekking trip

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Food for the Chernobyl trekking trip

Don't be a hungry. Some advices about meal in the trekking trip.

Equipment for the Chernobyl trekking trip

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Hey Guys! Whats'up? Are you hungry now? If you are, take few cookies and make big cup of tea or cofee and lets'go.

Food, meal and meat for Chernobyl Hiking trip.

So, all food what you have you will have to carry on your shoulders, that's mean, your stock of provisions must be not too heavy, otherwise, you will get tired too fast. We exactly do not want that. In the same time, food must heve as many calories as possible. Long hiking trips ( three days or more it's long) take a lot of your power. That's mean you have to take care about yourselves body in depth and getting enough food.

Ok, we know that we need light meal with a lot of energy, but what we should to do? - Hm, may be.. Pizza? Sandwiches with a tuna? Beef stew?
- Exactly not! It's really tasty food but pizza and sandwiches spoils too quickly and canned meat weighs a lot. You can take a little of this products but you will not can to eat it for whole week.

So, below is a list of good products, you will have to cooking it that but it is better than to drag heavy ready meals.

  • Grain porridges

    Buckwheat, wheat and other porridges is main food in hiking trip. You just have to boil it for few minutes and you will have good portion of nutritious food.

  • Chocolate and grain bars

    This one's contains much of calories and it is just tasty.

  • Bread, creckers and hard chucks

    Choose what you like but remember, fresh bread is heavier and may detiorate.

  • Beef jerky and other dried meat.

    This is really the best source of protein. Low weight and amazing taste make this product number 1 on camping trips.

  • Sunflower halva

    Nice taste with a cup of tea and have a lot of calories.

  • Nuts

    Nutritious, light and good for your health.

  • Instant noodles and mashed potatoes

    This not the best and healthy food, but sometimes you have no strength to cooking something else, in this case, this is better than nothing.

  • Few cans of canned food.

    This is may be stew meat, fish, or beans, no matters. It is weighs a lot but it's tasty and fast. Take a couple, no more.

  • Sublimated food

    This is expensive but it is the best choice for camping trip. Sublimated food is nutritious, light and sometimes even tasty, this easy to cooking, all what you have to add some hot water. I know few brands of sublimated food:

    Trek'n go, Germany

    Mountain house, Great Britain

    Voyager, France