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Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheel in the center of Pripyat.

Of course, you heard this name before. After the Chernobyl disaster, this town got worldwide fame. More than thirty years this place is abandoned, and Pripyat slow becoming into a forest. There is more than 3000 abandoned apartment, the most of them is empty but sometimes you can find not so bad flat with table, chairs and sofas. Usually this mean the stalkers living here from time to time.

All of us remember when we had see Pripyat by the first time. Tall buildings with black holes of windows, it is looks like they watching you, they catch each of your movement but keeping silence. Pripyat is not so restful and lonely town like would want. Cops, tourists, military staff, stalkers, you are not see them always but they are.

You should be quiet and careful if you want have a walk here and not be arrested. We can help you with this, and you can be sure, we do it better then writing on english.:)